Draught proofing

In these days of high cost energy prices, now is the time to think of energy saving draught proofing. Noise levels are reduced by approx 10 decibels, and draughts eliminated.

When doing draught proofing, we offer a full service, because on removal of staff beads and parting beads we have access to the box frame, thereby allowing us to service the pulleys, fit new sash cords and if necessary add new weights. Please telephone for more details of this full service.

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The Sash Window
Refurbishment & Repair Co.

"Preserve the future by restoring the past"

We can breath new life into old, tired, dilapidated box sash windows, as we are craftsmen with the knowledge, skill and experience to return usability to windows that have broken sash cords/sash springs, that rattle, stick, jammed, and generally need attention.

On completion your windows will open and close with minimum effort, all done to the highest standard at affordable prices. Please look at all the services we offer.